Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mickey Mouse Club Circus Closes at Disneyland


Jan 08, 1956
Mickey Mouse Club Circus Closes at Disneyland

Shortly after the opening of Disneyland, the Mickey Mouse Club Circus debuted in Fantasyland featuring acts from the Ted DeWayne Circus along with the Mouseketeers from TV’s Mickey Mouse Club. One of those Mouseketeers was Bobby Burgess, who recently told us, “It was a red-and-white, huge tent, and it was hot and sweaty in there but we were having a blast. They dressed us as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell and we did the trapeze act. There was a girl in the center who was a pro who would go over and over and over. Tommy [Cole] and I were the web setters, and two of the girls, one was Sharon [Baird] and one was Bonnie [Lynn Fields] from the first year. The rest of them were on swinging ladders and the boys were Peter Pan and the girls were Tinker Bell and then we turned out the lights and we glowed in the dark. We also rode elephants and horses everyday, and we were trained by professional circus people. That was really fun!” Despite the fun the kids were having, park guests didn’t want to spend their time watching a circus when they had all of Disneyland to explore, and the Circus gave its final performance on this day in 1956.

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